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Interspill 2009 - 13th May

3.1 Regional preparedness

Cooperation agreements, mutual assistance

3.2 Dispersants

Efficiency, toxicity, decision making, new developments

3.3 HNS response strategies

Organisation, ship, refuge, packages versus bulk

4.1 Oil pollution impacts and restoration assessment, implementation

4.2 Rigs, wrecks & sunken oil

Tracking slicks, quantifying oil in wrecks, removal from wrecks

4.3 HNS Case studies and lessons learnt

Incident, response and management, consequences

5.1 Inland water pollution from production and transport

Prevention, contingency planning

5.2 Heavy fuel oil versus crude oil aspects

Challenges of heavy oil response, impacts

5.3 Health and Safety

Toxicity threshold, human protection, decontamination