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Interspill 2009 - 12th May

  • Opening Session
    • Opening of Interspill and the IMO R&D Forum
      Bernard Tramier, Chairman, Interspill Steering Committee
  • Introductory remarks and welcome to guests and panel
    • Stefan Micallef, Deputy Director, Marine Environment Division, IMO
  • Welcome Addresses
    • Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseilles (tbc)
    • VAE Yann Tainguy, Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean
    • Jean-François Tallec, French Secretary General of the Sea
  • The triennial Interspill address on marine pollution
    • Willem de Ruiter, Executive Director, European Maritime Safety Agency

Joint Session: Interspill and IMO R&D Forum

1.1 Oil production and transport at sea

Patterns, trends, pollution prevention and response

1.2 Shoreline response

Tools and techniques, performance, waste disposal, alternative uses of oily waste, European waste disposal legislation

1.3 Transportation of HNS, identification and assessment

Behaviour, aquatic toxicity, biological aspects, environmental impact

2.1 Oil pollution legislation and policies national and international levels

2.2 Response at sea rationale, tools and techniques, performance

2.3 HNS detection and monitoring

Detection, sampling techniques and equipment, fate modelling, real time monitoring